I did not live in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, but lived the traumatic experience through family and close friends. I was born in New Orleans, but grew up in Georgia. My family still resides here and I have heard firsthand their stories and encounters with hurricane Katrina. One memory that specifically stuck out, was that of a close family friend Christina. During Katrina her family chose not to evacuate and therefor were here during the worst of the storm. Her godmother lived in New Orleans and where there was over 8 feet of water. As the water quickly rose in her two story home, she tried to escape by climbing to second story. She was unable to make it to the second floor due to the rushing water and lack of materials to break through the first floor ceiling. As a result, she unfortunately drown and passed away. Her family was unable to reach her due to no service, and had no knowledge of her passing. They received a call from the neighbor stating that the national guard had found her body. Her family frantically wanted to make sure it was her, but the neighbor saw the official X mark written on the bricks in spray paint. \r\n\r\nChristina\'s family was extremely upset from losing a loved one, as well as all of their belongings. Her story is just one of many I have encountered from family and friends regarding hurricane Katrina. Even though I do not first hand experience the storm, the traumatic events my loved ones went through are held dear to my heart.


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