It is July 27, 2010, and in another month, it will be the 5th anniversary of Katrina. I don\'t think (at least in the continental U.S.) that there has ever been such a catastrophe, both natural & made made that has held such sway over a group of people. \r\n Of course it depends on were you live, even in New Orleans, you still have daily reminders of the storm. I live in Gentilly, one of the hardest hit areas, were my house took in some 10 feet of water. And, like most of my neighbors, my life is still not back to what it was. Five years & we are still rebuilding, still gutting, still dealing with neighbors who aren\'t back & probably won\'t ever come back. \r\n My house was totaled. I tried to rebuild it & I lived in a FEMA trailer outside my door for 3 1/2 years. Fortunate for me, 7 months ago, a non-profit group came to my rescue & offered to rebuild me a brand new house! That was probably the happiest day of my life. Most of my neighbors weren\'t so fortunate- the neighbor to my right, house has remained bordered up all these years. When I walk by, there is still a sickening smell of rot coming from it & the weeds around it remain on average above 4 feet high. They aren\'t coming back, what will happen to their house? The elderly couple has since passed away & I heard that their grown children are divided about what to do with it. On the other side of my house, was a large, well built house. That neighbor, initially started to rebuild & put a new rook on it. Then they were gone & some vagrants began camping out of it. Six months ago NORA came & bulldozed the house down. Now there is a vacant lot next door, which is better than a derelict house that is not gutted.\r\n So the neighborhood goes: one house is rebuilt, next door, there is a vacant lot & next to that is a house, yet to be gutted, even 5 years after Katrina! \r\n Sometimes, it feels like we can do anything, like we can rebuild, better than before. Other times, I feel very defeated, worn out by all the struggles & the hard life that Katrina has brought. I put one foot in front of the other & tomorrow is another day. \r\nPrudence Grissom, 5705 Wildair Dr. Gentilly, New Orleans


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