Katrina was something that noone was ready for. Everyone thought it was going to be like every other time we had to evacuate; leave home and be off of work and school for a couple of days, then come back home and have everything go back to normal. The thing is this time was different. I remember first evacuating to Vinton,Louisiana. The drive itself was crazy, but once we got there it got even more crazy. We didn\'t have a hotel so we (my mom, grandmaw, grandpaw, sister, and myself)decided to stay with my aunt and uncle in their camper. The thing is that this camper is big enough for us to have fun in if we were just going to be camping for the weekend, but to evacuate in with 9 people and 2 dogs things do not go to smoothly. We had an ok time till we actually found out what happened to our home, St. Bernard Parish. Once we knew that our whole parish was under water we knew that we had to do something; we knew we couldn\'t stay in the camper much longer so we decided to go to Huston, Texas. When we went to Texas my aunt, uncle and their two kids were put up in a hotel by my uncles company, so it was just me, my mom, my siter and my grandparents in the camper with the 2 dogs. It was much easier to manage living in such a small space when there wasn\'t as many people. After a couple of days my mom started talking to my sister and I about starting school. My sister, who was a senior, didn\'t want to start school in Huston if that was not where we were going to stay. Her exact words were, \"It\'s my senior year, where ever I start school is where I am going to finish my year off. So don\'t register me for school unless this is where you want to stay.\" With my mom knowing this she decided that we needed to move closer to our actual home. We ended up moving from the camp ground in Texas to a hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana that my uncles company put us in. That had to be one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with, this hotel wasn\'t in one of the best places in Lafayette. My grandparents and my mom decided that they didn\'t want to keep us there for long so we started looking for an apartment. We ended up finding one that was in a nice area of Lafayette and moved in. As soon as we moved in my mom went and registered my sister and I in school. I ended up living in Lafayette till January, then I moved in with my dad back in St. Bernard Parish and went to the school they opened up down there called St. Bernard Unified. My mom moved back down into a FEMA trailer about two months later. While my grandparents stayed in Lafayette with my sister till she finished her senior year and graduated from Lafayette High.



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