Before hurricane Katrina, I was living on the Westbank. My family and I evacuated to Houston, Texas several days before Katrina hit land. Like many others who evacuated, I expected to be in Houston for a short amount of time and did not pack but for only a few days. Well I ended up staying in Houston for about 2 months where I attended high school there. The realization of the Katrina\'s impact on my did not hit until I was attending a completely different high school, away from my friends and parents. I was living out a hotel and did not have the comfort of a \"home\". There were only a handful of students from New Orleans relocated to my high school. The most rememberable time was waiting in line at walmart and realizing that almost everyone in line were from New Orleans buying essential items of clothes that they did not pack. Thankfully when I returned home my house was not flooded or damaged. The roof had a few leaks but was fixed by FEMA. When my high school reopened, the entire school felt like a close knit family because of the shared experience we had. It was my final year in high school and what a senior year we had.


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