New Orleans Video Access Center Short Documentary Series

A Loud Color\r\nDirector: Brent Joseph\r\nDuration: 06:33\r\n\r\nNew Orleans resident Louis Harding gives a tour of the community center he opened one month before Hurricane Katrina hit. \"Before the storm, the building was a loud color. In was so loud you could hear it before you could see it,\" Louis had spent years trying to open the Marcus Garvey Resource Center and then it was destroyed when the levees broke. Despite the setback, 72-year-old Harding refuses to call it quits. He was on a mission to combat poverty in the African-American community in New Orleans before the city flooded and he hasn\'t given up. While sorting through the debris of his life, Louis discusses the importance of history and how life for African-Americans in New Orleans has changed in the last 100 years. \"A Loud of Color\" is one of several short documentaries produced by the New Orleans Video Access Center which profile New Orleanians and their struggle to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Several New Orleans filmmakers were challenged to create a short documentary on New Orleans as we try to gain support from the nation to help rebuild our great city. The stories provide a snap shot of life in New Orleans following Katrina from a local point-of-view. The budget for each short documentary is $500.


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