I was born and raised in Africa, to be precise Nigeria and I was fortunate to be among one of the neighborhood kids that got admitted with merit-based scholarship into an American college. It took me a while to come up with reasons for chosing a college in New Orleans over colleges in other places like Boston, Baltimore and New York. I immediately began doubting my decisions from seeing the battered and bruised Louis Armstrong Airport that look different from any other airport I\'ve seen to taking one of my longest taxi ride that features the window view of katrina destruction on Elysian Field from I-10 exit all the way to UNO. I blamed myself for a while, but after a couple of boring semesters, a couple of visits to Bourbon street, attending festivals and evacuating for hurricane Gustav, I only fell in love more with New Orleans. I\'ve been to different cities around the country over the years and every time I long to come back to New Orleans......\"NO PLACE LIKE HOME, NO PLACE LIKE NEW ORLEANS.\"


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