Hurricane Katrina was a devasting storm that affected the lives of many directly and indirectly. I am a person who was affected indirectly by the storm. My hometown which is an hour and a half away from the City of New Orleans experienced a little wind, rain, and power outage during the storm. We were out of school for a week, until the debris was cleaned from the streets, and power was fully restored. I remember the days leading up to the storm. My cousin was attending college at Dillard University, she was calling to let the family know of the mile long evacuation traffic she was in while escaping the city on the morning of Saturday, August 27, 2005. It took her five hours to get to her home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which was usually a hour and fort-five minute drive. I knew from hearing of the evacuation traffic that New Orleans was in for an unwanted surprise. On the morning of Monday, August 29, 2005, my mother woke me up early to show me on television how New Orleans was flooding. We began to become nervous because my cousin who lived with us the months before the storm had moved back to New Orleans and we hadn\'t recieve any word of where he was. It wasn\'t until Tuesday evening, we were watching the live safe and rescue on the news that we saw him on a porch waving his shirt for help. My mom became sad and teary-eyed after seeing him, and immediately called my aunt to let her know. We went two weeks after seeing that, without hearing from him. He called us to let us know that he was living in a shelter in Lubbock, Texas, and everything was alright with him and his mother, and the rest of his family. We were glad to hear that he was okay, and began to restore our lives back to normal along with the others affected by Hurricane Katrina.


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