Diane -

Although I did OK during the hurricanethe psychological toll became hard to deal with.
I'm not a New Orleanian but gutted many house, cleaned and helped many folks (friends and employers) who had been hit hard by the hurricane.
After 3 years my husband and I knew we would have to leave our home in Bywater.
It was very important to have good neighbors move into our home.
We loved our neighbors and the area we lived in-Bywater.
The blessing. You and your husband came along and bought the house. We had someone else but really really like you, your husband and son.
I hope life is being a littleeasier on you.
This experience was/is a life changer.
May good things come your way.
and May we all not have to deal with anything like that again in our lifetime.

With Affection Pati D'Amico Warren


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