My friend.

Although I did not live in New Orleans during Katrina, it did affect me a lot. I lost a close friend during the hurricane. He was going to evacuate with my nanny and cousin to St. Martinville, Louisiana where I lived, but his abusive father would not allow it. My nanny would have taken him anyway, but his father threatened to charge her with kidnapping. We prayed that they would be alright during the storm. They lived in the area near the Florida and Desire housing projects at that time. When my nanny went back to view the damage of her house she walked down the block to see my friend's house. She saw the spray painted X on the front and knew how to read the symbols. It showed that there was one body found in the house. She asked the National Guard soldier about the house saying that they were relatives. Truly, my friend and cousin were like brothers and my nanny was like his mother. The soldier said the body of a little boy was found in the attic near a partial hole in the roof. My nanny broke down in tears and soon called us and told us the news. It hurt my family and me really bad. I miss him to this day and anger still fills my heart because his father would not let him leave. His father was never found and my friend is currently buried in St. Roch Cemetery with his mother. I will never forget him.


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