five states in four days

My family and I traveled all over the gulf south evacuating from Katrina. The saturday before the storm we left Kenner expecting to enjoy a couple days in Gulf Shores, Alabama on the beach. Because we had evacuated so many times before we decided that we would go to the beach instead of staying in a hotel wherever we could get a room. When we got to gulf shores we spent one night and then the hotel evacuated and we had to leave. We drove looking for a hotel room and could not find one so we stayed in a cabin in up state Mississippi. We decided to head to Houston because we have family there. We made it to Little rock on monday when we watched the news and saw the damage Katrina had caused. After a sad day in Arkansas we left and went to Houston where we stayed for a month until relocating to Lake Charles for a week and then finally back to Kenner. I have never been so happy to come home.


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