Hurricane Andrew and my mom.

My Mother lived through Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew wasn't bad but the tornadoes that came with it were. She had a hurricane party on the 8th floor of a high rise, which probably wasn't the best idea with all of the tornadoes. She had the perfect view as she watched Miami go dark as each transformer blew. She could also see people getting saved on their roofs. Her most interesting memory of Hurricane Andrew is she was watching the news and people had come down from Orlando and Tallahassee and were selling bags of ice for 100 dollars a bag. The news reporters were asking how can you take advantage of these people like this, so the ice sellers were packing up there ice to move on, and the customers were actually angry because they needed the ice so badly that they didn't care how much the ice was. THEY WERE MORE THAN WILLING TO PAY 100 DOLLARS FOR A BAG OF ICE.


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