Heron & the new moon


10th Anniversary

I remember coming in at dawn in mid September and seeing the new moon over Pine Street, and a flock of white egrets using the street for a fly way. Nature was looking to reclaim the abandoned city. The street still & quiet, and piles of broken branches and twigs everywhere, buildings all of wood. All it would take was a careless flame and a bit of wind to wipe out all of Carrollton with flame. Helicopters fighting fires by dropping big bags of water. Sounds of the shofar for the Jewish New Year in Touro and afterwards violet ice cream at the Creole Creamery on Prytania Street, that and the CVS the only stores open. Sitting together over ice cream and coffee, we were strangers and family at once. Everyone asked the same question, 'How did you make out?" And we shared our stories.


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