Hurricane Rita


10th Anniversary

Evacuation with self, teen and 7 year old was tough for Hurricane Rita. Fear of hitting the road with no guaranteed destination. Seeing people stranded on the roads due not having the best vehicles, but still trying to get out of harms way. I felt so sorry for everyone and hoping noone was left behind in Lake Charles. The ride was a quiet, long uneventful drive for us, Thank God. We made it to Jackson, Mississippi and found a hotel room to ride out storm safely. Well being a nurse, we were being called to get closer back to lake Charles after stom passed. The bosses of the home health agency I worked for where able to place staff I'm areas closer to the city in order to be able to assist patients that may be returning. Well myself and to kids were informed there was a lady and her husband that had a house we could use. After leaving our hotel room headed for Eunice, La. It was evening, dark outside. Well lady and husband where a white couple and after seeing that we where African American changed minds and refused us. I was upset to know that I had left a safe place for my kids and self. I wondered streets of Eunice for a few hours in disbelief that after what we had gone through, a hurricane and not knowing if we still had a home or not on Lake Charles. Prayer works. We found a hotel room at Motel Six there. After explaining our delimma the receptionist told us she had a room, but it had to be cleaned first. We where accommodated very well here. My point is that I will not ever look to the town of Eunice, La as a place to go in the event of a hurricane. The racial prejudice I experienced was a last impression that I will not forget. This message is not for the kind staff at the hotel.


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