Evacuating Hurricane Katrina: A Year in Pictures

It is a year in pictures from one New Orleanian who\'s gone full-circle after the hurricane. It shows how one person has gone full circle from 8/28/05 through 8/29/06. \r\n\r\nThe music in the background sets the entire mood. The first and third songs are from an Icelandic group that I don\'t understand when listening to them sing, just how I didn\'t understand what was happening to my life and New Orleans when I was forced to drive over 6,000 miles to my displacement. The second song is a Mardi Gras Indian song that is absolutely beautiful and sad, which is what I was when stopping off in New Orleans on my way to my temporary home on the Rio Grande. The last song is an uplifting sad song that fits perfectly to how things were for me when returning in January. \r\n\r\nI initially went to Natchez, Mississippi for 2 days but then we had to keep going. I dropped my roommates off in Indiana, then went to Columbus, Ohio. Then New York City, Baltimore, Norfolk, VA, Raleigh, NC, and then finally back to New Orleans on 9/27/05. After cleaning my apartment for 4 hours I displaced myself in Lajitas, Texas for 3 months and got back to NO, a returnee, on 1/09/06.\r\n


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