Desire: Returning and Resurrecting New Orleans


New Orleans Science and Math Charter High School

This attachment is a Katrina book project created by Dudley Grady, Ashleigh Joplin and Kristopher Chambers of Math and Science Charter High School in the Spring of 2006. The three students completed the book in a New Orleans Outreach after-school class taught by Ryan Mattingly titled New Orleans Stories. Included in their book are the student\'s personal \"Coming Home\" stories, interviews with their parents, Mayor Ray Nagin, and the principal of their school, as well as a survey with the New Orleans citizens on Canal Street. \r\nClick on the Math and Science Charter High School tag to listen to several of the audio clips from interviews the student\'s conducted for the book.


“Desire: Returning and Resurrecting New Orleans,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed May 28, 2022,