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LOC T NGO\r\nDegaldo ESL\r\nFall 2006\r\nVietnam native\r\nProfessor Yadira Diaz\r\n\r\nDELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE AFTER HURRICANE KATRINA\r\n\r\nAfter Hurricane Katrina, no one thought Delgado Community College could reopen again in the Spring semester of 2006. On Monday night, August 29, 2005, the city of New Orleans flooded and by the next morning all the buildings on Delgado\'s campus were surrounded by water. Delgado was shut down for several months. After water was pumped out, Delgado\'s campus looked like a battlefield which was full of trash and nobody believed that it could open again for the Spring semester as planned. As part of the effort of reopening Delgado, the school staff tried to clean up and open four buildings for the Spring semester. However, the library was still closed because of flood damage. All teachers returning from evacuation tried to contact their student one by one by phone. They wanted to know if their students were safe and if students would come back to school in the Spring because the operation of the school depended upon the amount of students who came back to study. Only some classes were held in the Spring semester of 2006 because the enrollment was low. Some classes were offered online and others were canceled because of a lack of teachers, students or class rooms. The total of 17,000 Delgado students in Fall 2005 was reduced to 10,000 in Spring 2006. At present, Delgado Community College still has not recovered completely although Hurricane Katrina happened a year ago. But in their hearts, everyone always hopes that Delgado will return to what it was in the past.\r\n


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