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THU TRANG NGUYEN\r\nDelgado ESL\r\nVietnam native\r\nProfesor Yadira Diaz\r\n\r\nDELGADO AFTER KATRINA\r\n\r\nDelgado Community College has had difficulties after Katrina. Delgado is one of the famous community college in Louisiana. It was built in 1921. Last year, Hurricane Katrina destroyed many buildings and classrooms in this school. Delgado was closed for one semester for repair and clean-up. In spring 2006, the college was reopened but it was still limited in some aspects because only four buildings were operation. First, this has affected the students. For example, students have to study in a school without library. Some classes were canceled so that students have to move to another school or they have to wait for a long period of time until school has enough students as well as teachers to open these classes. Second, teachers have to work in uncomfortable conditions. For instance, two teachers have to share an office. Finally, the office personnel have to work in a room divided into small section by curtains. Their work place is small enough to put a desk and a desk- top computer. In conclusion, students, teachers, and office personnel of Delgado Community College have to encounter many difficulties after Hurricane Katrina.\r\n


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