English as a Second Language

Maria Hernandez \r\nDelgado ESL\r\nEl Salvador native\r\nProfessor Yadira Diaz\r\n\r\nDelgado has being trought many changes since Katrina. one of the changes that have affected me the most is the lack of professors at delgado. many teahers didn\'t come back after Katrina. therefore some of the classes that I need are not available at delgado or city park campus. there is one inportant class that I need to take in order for me to graduate that is criminology, which is not available at delgado city park or west bank campus. I remember before Katrina Delgado had all the classses that my major required. Delgado was a peaceful, spacious beautiful campus. all buildings were open, we had teachers for every necesary class. now there is hardly enought buildings for students. I have faith in God that Delgado would once again be this peaceful tranquil spacious campus that I once met.


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