Hurricane Katrina did not directly affect me, but I have three family members who were directly affected by the Hurricane which caused my family to go into worrisome frenzy while my loved ones were missing for months. The United States government left millions of people stranded in unsanitary, cramped quarters, which were not equipped for leaving for roughly a week following the Hurricane. A large majority of citizens who were living in New Orleans had no means to evacuate even after they were aware of its destructive path, because most people living there live below normal means. Even with this type of information available and very much aware to the government officials of the city of New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and the United States of America no one was prepared for the type of devastation that would ensue. This is will be written to be one of the worst injustices and disasters ever seen in American history. \r\n My family encountered many things that were described figuratively in news reports, newspaper articles, magazines, and other types of periodicals, but it does not actually become as prevalent until someone close to you is experiencing the devastation among the masses. Since the hurricane, my family members who were affected by the hurricane have now relocated no various locations across the country, along with millions of others who have done the same. \r\n The Gulf Coast is now in a state of reconstruction of their multi-million dollar tourist and casino industry, along with the memories and love ones that were lost or left behind. The media has now stopped publicizing the havoc that once engulfed the gulf coast, but the government, along with dozens of home and life insurance companies are now distributing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The once lively and lucrative Gulf Coast may not be completely rebuilt within the next year, but with the help of the community and with the positive spirits of the people of Mississippi and Louisiana the reconstruction will come to a close sooner than most may think.\r\n


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