My name is Kristina and I am a student at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I did not experience the hurricane first hand, but I did watch the news and interviews that were on the television. On the news, I heard people\'s stories about how they lost their houses, family photos, and possessions. As I sat and thought about this and put myself in their shoes, I felt horrible. I could not imagine losing everything and having to start all over again. \r\nI also remember that the kids at my high school tried to help as much as we could. We had food drives where we brought in non-perishable, canned foods. Each class raised money to donate the Hurricane Katrina fund. Many clubs and organizations also contributed too. The Future Business Leaders of America, gathered school supplies for the children so they would have backpacks, paper, pencils, and crayons so that they could continue learning. This hurricane not only brought together my community, but it also helped to bring us together as a nation because together, as one, we were trying to help those in need.\r\n


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