We live in Biloxi,Ms. and stayed at our home along with 17 other people thinking everyone could go home the next day...little did we realize that everyone staying with us would have no home to go to. We live about 5 miles north of the beach so we thought the water would be no problem.With no electricity,water, food(not enough for 18 people)or way to leave(debris and trees everywhere)we were in for a horrible time. We had structual damage to our home,(tree hitting our house making one bedroom out,roof blowing off one room,etc.)At that time we thought we had it bad. We were the lucky ones!! Although we lived 5 miles north the flood water came up the river covering I-10 highway,plus both ends of our main road was under water covering homes of our neighbors and took lives of many. It would take days for us to finally travel to where my dads home,sisters home,aunts cousins and friends used to be.My husbands family faired no better my 84 year old mother-in-law lost her family home where she grew up and now lived in again.Numerous in-laws lost homes and buisness. We went back to our home of many who only ownwd the clothes on their backs. We were all in shock with no idea what to do. There were no stores,banks etc. to get anything. Some of the homeless were 6 children who wanted to go home and get some of their toys.Try telling a 3 year old her home is destroyed.We lost so many things,but things can be replaced, the worst part was not knowing who had died and not being able to call anyone to find out who made it. It\'s been 18 months and still so many are still without their homes.We THANK everyone who has helped us down here.So many people have been here to help but we still NEED help down here.BLESS you for listening. Monica Lancon Biloxi Ms.


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