Its been a year and a half since Rita destroyed my childhood home and misplaced my parents. We are from Sulphur,LA. You moght call us some of the lucky ones. After the storm, my parents came to stay with me in Lake Charles. A couple weeks later they were able to find a vacant apt that they still live in today. They had insurance that took care of them pretty well, so they havent been out financially, just emotionaly. I find myself being very bitter towards Hurricane Katrina and her victims because of the media. Rita was forgotten long ago but still many struggle. The nation has no idea of our destuction, our lose. I recently moved to CA and all I hear about is Katrina when I mention where Im from. Rita is something I will never forget though. Being closed out of our parish for weeks, returning to a ghost town with nothing open, waiting in line for an hour to buy non perishable items at Wal-Mart because no one had a refridgerator, the newly constructed views of the horizon,and too many more.



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