NWT-Greta\'s Childhood Home.mp4


Deaf Government Area: Touring the Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

\r\n\r\nEnroute to Greta\'s childhood home, the bus tour heads away from the river and into the far more devastated area of the Lower Ninth Ward. Along the way, the tour passes what was once one of the most important commercial districts along St. Claude Avenue and the home and office of Fats Domino (Caffin and Marais Streets). Once the tour reaches her mother\'s home, Greta describes what the neighborhood was like before Katrina. Greta and her mother survived 1965\'s Hurricane Betsy in this house; they were rescued by a few of the many local men using their fishing boats.\r\n\r\n\r\n(To view the video, double click the above link, or download it by right clicking on a PC or control click on a Mac to open with a media player of your choice that can view MP4 files.)


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