Dead People In The Bathroom


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

(Written after hearing a reporter interview a 7-year-old girl whose family were victims of hurricane Katrina. I hope that this innocent child will not be scarred for life by the shameful events that took place during the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina which hit the Gulf Coast on Monday, August 29th, 2005.)\r\n\r\nMama\'s in prison,\r\nWhy ain\'t she here?\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nAnd a rat over there\r\n\r\nThe water kept rising\r\nAnd there\'s no food anywhere\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nand I\'m scared to go there\r\n\r\nWhy are we still here\r\nIs it cause we black, and we poor?\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nI can\'t take much more\r\n\r\nThe big folks is shouting\r\nAnd there\'s shooting here too\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nMama I\'m angry at you!\r\n\r\nWhose going to save me?\r\nI\'ve been here for so long\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nAnd the stink is so strong\r\n\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nDid you hear what I said?\r\nThem rats in the gutter\r\nAre eating the dead\r\n\r\nWill they eat me next?\r\nThere\'s nowhere to run\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nWill I soon be one?\r\n\r\nThere\'s dead people in the bathroom\r\nAnd it\'s so hot today\r\nI wish that this nightmare\r\nWould just go away . . .




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