Raise My Scorn


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

Preparing for a national tragedy that in time will come\r\nStacked across Hope, Arkansas a housing storage sprung\r\nHouse trailers fill that airfield like a ladder, rung by rung\r\nWith this inventory of housing, homeless we wouldn\'t be stung\r\n\r\nA sea of new roofs abound as you cast a glance around\r\nTwenty five thousand or more not fastened to the ground\r\nWithout any children\'s laughter or nary a whimper of sound\r\nOnly a stupid rule by FEMA halts this national glorious crown\r\n\r\n900 million dollars we paid for immediate housing before our eyes\r\nCan\'t be dispersed to a flooding zone and again victims\' hope dies\r\nDispersing these homes to Katrina victims, silencing their cries\r\nA few miles north of the coast where trailer cities should take rise\r\n\r\nWhy pay 900 million and add 25 thousand a month storage to that\r\nOur belfry isn\'t empty, it\'s filled with stupidity instead of a bat\r\nHow many dense bureaucrats should wear a pointed dunce hat\r\nHow many gutless politicians on their spineless backs not get a pat\r\n\r\nCommunities have had house trailers that suffered many a storm\r\nIs their thinking that travel trailers will be towed if a storm is born\r\nNot everyone has a trailer hitch, that never has been the norm\r\nBut keeping these homes in storage really does raise my scorn



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