A Human\'s Anger (Political Victim)


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

If it will make you feel better to hear me say that I am fine\r\nThen I\'m fine...\r\nbut deep down my heart is broken and on certain\r\ndays I feel as if I\'m losing my mind\r\nWe were trapped in a hotel for 4 days\r\nI thought of our deaths a million different ways\r\nYou tend to sway in and out of reality when your back\r\nis to the wall\r\nNO water...NO air...And it seemed like NO way out\r\nSo your soul decides to free fall\r\nA small light shines and you get to escape\r\nFinding solice in a foreign town\r\nYou turn on the television to see those who didn\'t make it out\r\nand guilt sets in\r\nSome of these people were my kin!\r\nAnd there was nothing I could do to set them free\r\nYou go to playing mind games of...It should not be them, but instead be\r\nme\r\nWell today we are all FREE, and they ask me if I\'m ever going back\r\nI have to catch myself, because a part of me wants to attack any and all\r\nwho asks me that\r\nTHEY WERE LEAVING PEOPLE THERE TO DIE!!!!\r\nAnd that shyt right there is a concrete fact\r\nWhy should I return to a government who gives less that a fuck about me\r\nand my kin?\r\nThe color of my people\'s skin was not of their liking\r\nSo that gave them the green light to let lives come to an end\r\nThey refer to us as refugees\r\nThey may as well have called us slaves\r\nI\'m not an advocate of murder, but these political bitches need to be 6\r\nfeet under ground\r\nYep I\'m saying it...They need to be dead in their graves\r\nI\'m angry...I\'m sad\r\nWe\'re alive, but we lost ALL we ever had\r\nDon\'t get it twisted, we are happy to be alive, but\r\nthis shyt here deeply makes us mad\r\nAnd if I had one wish I\'d wish for those who perished to rise\r\nKatrina did her damage, but by political officials WE put in office\r\nis how we became victimized\r\nMy name is Sunshyne and I survived Katrina\r\nbut was almost killed by my government\r\n\r\nPeace



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