Where I Drift


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

Haunting Waters\r\nImprison me\r\nCapture me in Death\r\nEternally\r\nSpeak for me now\r\nFor my chance has gone\r\nMy body to illustrate\r\nAs I float along\r\nForced into Darkness\r\nRememberance of mental pain\r\nThe unknown turned into acceptance\r\nWith the downpour\r\nof Demonic Rain\r\nMy fleeing not as swift\r\nAs Katrina\'s fierce arrival\r\nShe swallowed me completely\r\nLeft me with questioned survival\r\nBattle fought and lost\r\nCasualties left to swell\r\nFloating in her Aftermath\r\nStolen to her hell\r\nA voice in light calls\r\nSeperated by the darkness, deep\r\nJoins a chorus of chanting seekers\r\nObject of hopes now in watery sleep



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