Turds In Hell


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

Once upon Old Orleans upbeat\r\nBeast of times underbelly exposed\r\nDispossessed kinfolk clinging driftwood shadows\r\nUnfathomable depths bewailing plaintive moans\r\n\r\nBelow see level vampire netherworld\r\nVanquished past riptide demons surface\r\nMetamorphic destiny born again transmigration\r\nGrim reaper channeling hoodoo-voodoo curses\r\n\r\nHaunted houses flooded with reflections\r\nPretentious claptrap spirits locked inside\r\nMacabre ghoulish shadows attic cornered\r\nDecomposed living dead tatty cobwebs\r\n\r\nLoose echoes ricocheting off walls\r\nZip suit tarot fortunes discarded\r\nBuoyancy coupling shamelessly with danger\r\nCaged blue canaries spooky shut-ins\r\n\r\nEmbalmed ghosts haunting forsaken psyches\r\nThumping gizzards throbbing grizzly skin\r\nIn limbo \"Bokor\" castoff spells\r\nBlack magic dolls needling consolation



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