Soul Feud


Hellicane: Poets Respond to Hurricane Katrina

Never getcha self inta pissin\'\r\nContest with stank hightailin\' skunk\r\n\r\nWhere sushi is called bait\r\nEarthworms danglin\' from rusty hooks\r\nWrigglin\' night crawlers glowworm possums\r\nActin\' crazier than sprayed cockroaches\r\n\r\nJust \'cause chickens got wings\r\nDon\'t mean them\'all ken fly\r\n\r\nUprooted human beans collard greens\r\nHog maw chitterlings black-eyed peas\r\nHominy grits soaked in lye\r\nCrumbly runt hush puppy litter\r\n\r\nPuttin\' yer boots in de\r\nOven still taint changin\' nuthin\'\r\n\r\nBristly catfish whiskers unshaven stubble\r\nStranded crawfish fetid potluck jambalaya\r\nForce-fed toxic mumbo jumbo gumbo\r\nBubblin\' brown sugar pee-can pralines\r\n\r\nDon\'t piss on my leg\r\nAnd tell me it\'s rainin\'\r\n



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