Portrait & Narrative of Alvin Marigny


Post-Katrina Portraits, Francesco

Charcoal portrait of Alvin Marigny. Text says: \r\n\"I am in a lot of pain. Seem like I don\'t have nothing to gain. Thing I have to say nobody give a dam anyway but what can I really do to make a change when everything just says the same but life goes on and so should you. But do the best you can. Someday you will make a change. We have been to the worst at least I hope it was. Nobody promise tomorrow so live for today. I will love you anyway. No matter what you do somebody will always be with you. Singed ALVIN MARIGNY\"


“Portrait & Narrative of Alvin Marigny,” Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, accessed June 19, 2024, https://hurricanearchive.org/items/show/26723.