My story is similar to those of hundreds of thousands of victims who suffered from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I had an aunt who lived in New Orleans with her three kids, Two sons and a daughter. She owned a little store with her husband of 22 years, who was a very kind, and gentle man. The day Hurrican Katrina came was the day there lives changed. It was unexpected, and nobody anticipated the effect Katrina had on many lives. After Katrina shattered there store they all went to the Superdome, where a majority of the residents went to rest, eat, and sleep. It was a relief area for all the victims. This was true for many, but for many others they were searching for their loved ones who had been lost, injured, or died. Unfortunatelt my uncle had disappeared and nowhere to be found. Three days later my father flew them here to Vienna, Virginia. It wasn\'t until they got here that we heard the bad news that her husband of 22 years, and the father of three has past away. But they were one of thousands of families who lost loved ones. I learned alot through the outcome of Hurricane Katrina, we never know when one might die, and there are many ways, so show as much love as you can before the time comes where you won\'t get that chance.



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