Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst disasters known to mankind. It was a disaster that could have been controlled if responded to correctly. The local and state government had a responsibility to evacuate everybody as soon as there was any danger in the levee\'s breaking. I believe the local government should have learned from other storms like Hurricane Andrew which devastated coast of Florida. It was only proper that New Orleans should have evacuated, especially the 9th ward. Many people lost there lives, homes, and memories that day. This was a sad day in American history. We send troops over seas to help many victims of many natural disasters. When the Tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia there was a world wide response. In New Orleans the federal government should have done more to respond to this horrific act of nature. This should have been a joint effort from the beginning, and we could have saved many lives. I do not blame the first responders; they did what they could with the resources they had. If they were given proper equipment they could have saved many more lives. At the end we did come together, work together, and made a difference. We grieve the dead, and honor the hero\'s who showed such bravery in the face of such devastation.


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