My story is not one in which I was directly effected by the hurricane, but more of an emotional involvement. When the whole thing began with Katrina, I understood that this was going to be a big deal but at the same time I kept thinking that hurricanes happen every year and we always bounce back and recover from them. I don\'t really watch the news so when Katrina was hitting New Orleans, I wasn\'t paying much attention, however, a days afterwards you could not use any form of entertainment without seeing what had happened. If you turned on the TV you saw the images of a city underwater, the internet was completely flooded with support ads just days afterwards, but the most significant amount of coverage on this matter was from the word of mouth. Everyone was talking about what had happened. People blaming the government for not stepping up and helping better, people blaming those in New Orleans who didn\'t leave, and those people who were actually compasionate and just t\r\nold what they knew and what they planned to do to help. \r\n\r\nFor whatever reason, all this information just didn\'t click in my head. Almost as if I didnt understand what had happened. It finally clicked when I realized I had been to New Orleans in the eigth grade. We spent a few days there during spring break and unfortunately for me, it wasnt the best time. Right before we left for this trip I got quite sick so the entire time I was there I basically stayed in our hotel room. When I realized that I had wasted a few days just sitting in my hotem room and now that city was destroyed, I realized I may never get to go there again and I really would like to go there at least once more. I love jazz music and the food down there, although I ate little, was amazing. There is so much to do in that city and so much life. Because of the hurricanes, I may never get to experiance that again. I may get to go there again, but whether or not it will be like my first time there, minus the sick part, I may never know


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