Locking the door to my house in Meatirie on August 27th 2005, I didn\'t know the horrific journey my dad, grandma, boyfriend, and three dogs were about to endure. I had picked up my ill grandma from the home that she lived in on Aug 26th. We left in two separate cars my dad driving my grandma and myself, while my boyfriend got stuck with the three dogs in my Imapla. My grandma who has Alzheimers was extremely ill, and the whole sixteen hour trip to Florida I was crying asking my dad if my grandma was going to live. My boyfriend was stuck in the car behind me with my basset hound drooling all over him , in which he was not a happy camper. \r\n\r\n When we finally arrived in Florida we checked into a hotel and then found the nearest hospital to bring my grandma, who couldn\'t speak at the time or even eat. The hospital we brought her to was small so they transferred her to Sacred Heart hospital in Destin. In the emergency room at Sacred Heart they explained to us that my grandmother was in critical condition and might not make it, she had a severe case of pneumonia. They then placed her in ICU, she stayed in ICU two weeks and then was transferred into a room until we returned home. \r\n\r\n My dad had to return home before the rest of us because he is the superintendent of a construction company and had to help get the city back up and going. I was devastated because all I saw on television was the crime in the city, I was so scared he was going to get shot. Also, I now knew that my boyfriend, ill grandma, and three dogs had to return home in my Impala. I just knew the adventure home was going to be just as hard but I never imagined it would be as hard as it was when I saw the devastation of the city. \r\n


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