I was with my family in Mobile, Alabama when Hurricane Katrina hit. We were without electricity for a number of days and I was very worried about my friends in New Orleans. I graduated from Xavier University and still had many close friends in the New Orleans area. I was devastated while listening to WHIL on the radio about the terrible things that were happening in the city where I grew from a boy to a man. I know now that the New Orleans that I experienced as a college student and resident is gone forever. Even though we had much destruction in Mobile, my heart was in New Orleans. When Hurricane Frederic struck Mobile in 1979, my aunt came to New Orleans to buy ice. The man at the ice house asked her why she wanted to buy so much ice. She told him that she was buying the ice for the people in Mobile who had no ice due to the storm. He told my aunt to pack her car with as much ice as she could carry. He didn\'t charge her one cent. I will always remember the goodness and charity of the people of New Orleans.


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