Katrina Stench

In an online course taught at the University of New Orleans during the Fall 2005 post-Katrina semester, one of the discussion board postings included the following question:\r\n\r\nThese are strange times, so some practical topics might be added to this forum. \r\nDo any of you know what works best to remove the stench of sewage and mold from items that were not hit directly by the flood waters but were on the second floor? Clothing, soft plastic and cloth toys, paper, and other things seem to have a lingering scent. Febreze seemed to work on some clothing after about 3 washes, but it\'s still noticeable. The kids\' plush stuffed animals create something of a problem. Their sleeping with their \"bed buddies\" when they reek does not seem like a good idea. Maybe we will have to consider most of the 2nd floor a loss, too.


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