Eighteen Months After Katrina

Eighteen Months After Katrina\r\n By Bill Quigley\r\n t r u t h o u t | Guest Contributor\r\n\r\n Tuesday 27 February 2007\r\n\r\n Each morning, Debra South Jones drives 120 miles into New Orleans to cook and serve over 300 hot free meals to people in New Orleans East, where she lived until Katrina took her home. Ms. Jones and several volunteers also distribute groceries to 18,000 families a month through their group, Just the Right Attitude. Who comes for food? \"Most of the people are working on their own houses because they can\'t afford contractors,\" Ms. Jones said. \"They are living in their gutted-out houses with no electricity.\"\r\n\r\n Why do thousands of people need food, and why are people living in gutted-out houses with no electricity? Look at New Orleans eighteen months after Katrina, and you will realize why it is so difficult for people to exercise the human right to return to their homes.\r\n


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