hurricane gustav was another close call and tha t hurricane made me glad that i stayed in memphis my entire family came to stay with me i had over 22 people in my house my brother had been telling me i need to come on home to new orleans because the crime rate was very high but new orleans used to be the murder capital not too long ago and besides when you abide in the house of the lord chaos could be going on all around you and the lord will protect you. i probably will make memphis my permanent home and i will be the evacuation center for family and was just like one big pajama party here at my house during hurricane gustav even my sister from texas came here i rarely get to see her we are all scatter around the globe since hurricane katrina my poor brother was the last to get here he was busy storing furniture in the attic empty out his fridge and brought all his food with him and of course he brought his beloved big screen tv katrina really traumized him i was so glad to see thwm all and prayiny for new orleans all at the same time.i was so proud of the evacuation procedures everything went so smoothly i am so glad i stayed in memphis other than that my family would have to stay in hotels that jacked up their prices god is still trying to send out a message those levees were only repaired they need to be torn down and completly rebulit hurricane season is from june to november and another katrina can happen anytime dont play with mother nature[god]


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