My Katrina story begins on the Saturday before the storm hit. My family was preparing for my sister in law\'s baby shower. We almost cancelled it because people we\'re leaving town. We thought they we\'re crazy and just wanted to go out of town, so we went ahead with our planning and it turned out pretty nice. \r\nLater that night we we\'re watching the news and the storm was getting bigger and more like it was coming to us. So when me and my sister was bringing her friend home that night, I remember being on the highrise and seeing all the city lights. I find it so amazing now that we were saying how much we love our city.\r\nAfter that me and my sister stopped at Wendy\'s. I actually still remember what I got. A spicy chicken sandwich and a frosty. However, I all I ate was the frosty. I had started feeling sick that night. I fell asleep with a pile of clothes I was going to pack to evacuate. The next morning I hurried and packed some stuff, wish now I had packed more. And we headed off Sunday morning in the same clothes I went to the baby shower in, still feeling sick, leaving my wendy\'s on the kitchen table.\r\nWe headed east and the traffic was of course horrible. My mom told me, \"we are going to die in this car.\" Not really what I wanted to hear. But we got to Montgomery, AL and could\'nt find anything to eat but pizza. The morning of Katrina, I remember the 1st text I got was about the hotel with all the windows busted out. We had left AL and drove all the way to houston on a route I never did before, through Shreveport. I remember seeing the sign toward New Orleans and thinking, we are going the wrong was I just want to go home. There was hardly no gas and lights, even all the way up there. We were in a hotel in Houston by the time we heard about the levees and saw how high the water was. I remember them showing images with an Aaron Nevell song and my mom crying her eyes out. I started school in Houston the day after Labor Day. I forgot the date when we went back home but it was bittersweet. And i will never for get the feeling of New Orleans being a place I was visiting. We went back to our home with boots and gloves. The tv was behind the door. We climed over the couch, and I saw that wendy\'s bag ont he floor covered in muddy stuff. My bed was behind my door, I climbed over it and went in to my room. It was sad but I do not remember crying. We went back to Houston and traveled back and forth every chance we got until finally moving back in Dec of 2006 after I graduated from a high school in Houston.\r\nAnd yes, we did rebuild.


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