When hurricane Rita hit the Louisiana coast, I was a sophomore attending Oberlin High School. For those of you who don\'t know, Oberlin is a little town about one hour north of Lake Charles, Louisiana. During that year I was on the cheerleading squad, and one of the football teams we always played was South Cameron High School. Hurricane Rita hit at the beggining of the football season and absolutely destroyed Cameron parish. However, despite going through the complete destruction of their homes, schools, and any possibility for normalcy in their lives, the students of cameron parish continued attending school in trailers located in Calcasieu parish. But, the one thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that the football team completed their season with their heads held high. These players went from being a team that we feared (because they always beat us), to a team that we greatly respected. I will never forget the bravery that those young men, the coaches, and the parents showed by showing up to that football feild, knowing that back home their very own feild was nothing but marshland now.


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