When Katrina hit i was with my mom and we evacuated with her and the rest of her side of the family to brookhaven, mississippi. there was a total of about 20 people in one little house which belonged to one of my mom\'s friends dads. We thought that we had avoided Katrina. We had no power no running water and all we had to eat was deer sausage which wasn\'t too bad. Well Katrina turned our way is what we heard over the very scarce radio signal that we did get and we had absolutely nothing for 3 weeks. i didnt even know if my dad was alive and ok because i never heard from him but it turned out he was fine. We had to hand wash clothes and occupy our time with something to do because we didnt have a thing. I guess this overall Katrina experinece just brought my mom, her family, my brother, sisters, and cousins closer together.


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