12/21/05\r\n\r\nMy family and I have a small camping trailer we use for hurricane evacuations. We had a trial run with Hurricane Ivan last year. We packed for a weekend trip from home. Little did we know our weekend would turn into a month.\r\n\r\nWe headed for Bosier City, La. with my parents who had friends residing there. I remember watching the levees break up there and praying a lot. By the next weekend we had relocated to Lafayette, LA to be closer to home. By that time I had a good idea that my home made it with little damage (no flooding) but my office suffered much worse.\r\n\r\nI returned home for a look and see on Labor Day. We couldn\'t stay there was no electricity. We did however spend a night after burying our spoiled refrigerated food. It was strange to be staying in a town with no lights and very few cars in the streets.\r\n\r\nI started work in Lafayette on September 14 and have been here ever since. My wife returned to her job at the Corps of Engineers a week later. My kids were back at school by early October. Work here has been hectic but it does keep me from getting too home sick. I hope to be moving home again in two or three months. \r\n\r\n\r\nPS: I will not be returning to my downtown office until March, however, on January 17th I will be working in Harvey La and finally moving back home.\r\n\r\nPPS: My office relocated to Covington in March 2008. I have to commute from Metairie every day. \r\n


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