I knew about this Hurricane coming our way it\'s name was Charlie. Charlie was deadly, It injured over 100 people. Yeah me and my family are like saying \"Yeah, well we have a safe house nothing can hurt us\". Well once the hurricane had made land fall, just in case we got some supplies if we had to go underground. We didn\'t have to go underground though. And I was only a 4 year old girl when this happned, since I didn\'t know what was really know what was going on I went to play outside, my dad said since it was the eye of the hurricane he said \" sure go ahead, go play I will be out in a second\". But in that second at some point th winds picked up heavily and the rain started drenching me, the next thing I knew I was on the floor with a scratched up leg and a bloody hand. The End - Megan Godfrey


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