New Orleans Video Access Center Short Documentary Series

Krew Du Who?<br>\r\nDirector: Rebecca Stevenson<br>\r\nDuration: 06:08<br>\r\n\r\nMany people choose to live, work and play in New Orleans because of the diversity of people and a culture that celebrates life. Mardi Gras is a perfect example of a cultural institution in New Orleans celebrated by both local residents and people from around the world. This short documentary provides a glimpse into the first post-Katrina Mardi Gras along side the \"Krew Du Poux\". The Krew Du Poux celebrates the tradition of Mardi Gras with an untraditional twist or two. Members of this Krewe (spelled by them as Krew) are made up of artists and musicians that predominantly live in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans\' Ninth Ward. Many of the members are also performers within a local circus group. This project is part of a series of short documentaries produced by the non-profit, New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC). Several New Orleans filmmakers were challenged to create a short documentary on New Orleans as we try to gain support from the nation to help rebuild our great city. The stories provide a snap shot of life in New Orleans following Katrina from a local point-of-view. The budget for each short documentary is $500.




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