In regards to the media coverage that was and is still being given to New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, I completely disagree with the depiction of the New Orleans area. The coverage shown to people not only of America, but also of the world, shows a very biased view point. This coverage points out that only the poor people of New Orleans were affected by Katrina. For example, in many documentaries/TV miniseries, areas such as the ninth ward are of the only areas shown as being affected by Katrina. What about Lakeview? Chalmette? Mereaux? Some parts of Metairie? Mississippi Gulf Coast? No. Why? Because this is where mostly middle class white people live. In addition, the aforementioned middle class white people did the right thing prior to the disaster and bought homeowner\'s or renter\'s insurance. Therefore, at least some, if not most or all, of their damage was covered. These people were not screaming out for government assistance. These people did not call media attention to get what they think they deserved. I\'m not saying that I don\'t feel bad for these people because I do. No one should lose everything, whether they have worked for it or not. However, media attention should have been called to the people who did take care of themselves... those who made a promise to rebuild and make their home what it once was. Isn\'t that what we should focus on? Those who want to make their home better than it was before and commit to making New Orleans what it was once again? Or should we continue to showcase those who are waiting to have their new housing projects built so they can be torn up yet again due to a lack of respect for what is technically not theirs... Why make famous those who don\'t care about making this amazing city better? How about redirecting media attention to something positive: the commitment to make places such as Lakeview, St. Bernard, Gulfport, etc., better than they were before.



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