New Orleans Video Access Center Short Documentary Series

Post Katrina Mardi Gras 2006 <br>\r\nDirectors: Todd Volz and Eric Laws<br>\r\nDuration: 07:30<br>\r\n\r\nMardi Gras is a tradition in which New Orleanians of all shapes, colors and walks of life come together as a community to celebrate the uniqueness of their beloved city. It\'s a time in which a large urban population joins hands, dances, sings, eats and genuinely experiences the spirit of New Orleans. So much has been taken away from the people of New Orleans. This year\'s Mardi Gras was symbolic as it showed the world that, despite great loss, New Orleans is alive, proud and capable of celebrating life despite unimaginable devastation. This short provides a snapshot of the first post-Katrina Mardi Gras. This is one of a series of shorts directed by local filmmakers in New Orleans and produced by the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC).




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