The Raw Truth.mp4


New Orleans Video Access Center Short Documentary Series

\r\nThe Raw Truth: Louisiana\'s Oyster Industry and the Rebuilding\r\nDirector: Charlie Brown\r\nDuration: 12:12\r\n\r\nBefore the 2005 hurricanes, Louisiana harvested almost 40 percent of the nation\'s oysters: 750 million oysters a year or 250 million pounds in shell. The storms destroyed 400 million pounds, more than the annual output since oysters are grown in three-year cycles. The storms also damaged boats, docks and other infrastructure as well as caused the displacement of workers. This short documentary looks at Oyster production before and after Hurricane Katrina. It also provides a brief history on an industry and the families that produces one of many Louisiana exports enjoyed by people around the world. This project is part of a series of short documentaries produced by the non-profit, New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC). Several New Orleans filmmakers were challenged to create a short documentary on New Orleans as we try to gain support from the nation to help rebuild our great city. The stories provide a snap shot of life in New Orleans following Katrina from a local point-of-view. The budget for each short documentary is $500.


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