It was my eigth grade year when Hurricane Katrina struck, and i was going to go see the Whell of Fortune live in New Orleans. Of course that did not happen. With the news channels telling people to leave, the studio decided not to film here and we had left on that sunday so I wouldn\'t have gotten to see it even if they still stayed. With two car jamed-packed, my family and I left to where we always go for hurricanes, Hammond. After unpacking everything, the first thing me and my little brother did was set up the PlayStation 2 and play. We were booted off later though, so the sdults could watch the weather reports. We never did get the tv back till all the staitions were dead. It wasn\'t to bad, but there were times when we were on edge. Like the time when a tree feel onto our house. Luckily it was a skinny tree and the roof was good, otherwise there would have been a hole and a ton of water coming in on us. after all that was over, the tv belonged to the adults again and we saw what had happened back home. I live in Metairie and the majority was flooded. I stayed at the house, but my father went with my uncle and paddle a boat around the area to see what it was like. We were going to leave to go back home, but then news of Rita came and we decided to stay in Hammond. We waited that out, she wasn\'t as bad as Katrina, and that\'s when things got tricky. The schools back home weren\'t opening so we had to stay in hammond for schooling, while my dad went home to clear everything out and hand problems at work. Our neighborhood was in good condition and the only thing missing was our shed. All the stuff inside was still there, but the outer shell was gone. We stayed in Hammond for a bit longer, till around the end of October, before we came back to Metairie to live there again. I use to like hurricanes, because we got off for school, but I don\'t want one if the events of Katrina will be the results.


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