A different kind of disaster

Growing up about 45 minutes outside of New Orleans means that I've been through my share of hurricanes and evacuations. But if as a gift from God, the disasters I experienced happened where we evacuated to versus to our home. We evacuated to Texas for Katrina. One night, we were swimming in the pool at the hotel across the street from ours. All of a sudden, there's people pouring out of our hotel building. It had caught fire, and my grandma and my two dogs were still inside. My dad raced inside and thankfully got all of them out safely. Then, when we evacuated for Gustave something bad happened again. We were in the first room next to the laundry room. There had been a drug bust at the hotel so we had a curfew. So one night when we had all gone inside for curfew, all of a sudden it felt like there was an earthquake. Things starte falling, the walls started cracking, and I was scared. Turns out an SUV hopped a parking block and drive through the building into the laundry room, missing our room by inches alone. I may not have lost anything in the hurricane, but I went through a lot during evacuations.


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